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Manufacturers of Vinyl Kitchen Doors to the UK Kitchen Industry

Vinyl Doors are an alternative to solid doors, with a wide variety of foils available to resemble natural wood.  The foils options that we have are Pippy Oak, Lisa Oak, Ivory, Pearl White, Light Walnut, Dark Walnut, Plum, Beech, Alabaster, Farmhouse Pine, Maple, and White Ash.

We can also offer vinyl overmantles, vinyl canopies, vinyl headboards, and vinyl accessories.  To view the range that we have, just click on the relevant section.

Care and maintenance is an important area for vinyl doors.  Below we have set out some care and maintenance details for vinyl kitcen doors, and vinyl wardrobe doors.

Care & Maintenance

As with all timber based items products should not be stored or installed in a newly plastered or damp environment.  To clean door surfaces use a soft clean cloth, warm soapy water should be used to dampen the cloth.  Dry off with a soft dry cloth.  Do not use aggressive cleaning liquids or items such as Brillo Pads etc.

To avoid damage by excessive heat please follow these simple guidelines: