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Suppliers of Solid Kitchen Doors, Solid Curved Doors with Flat and Raised Panels

As one of largest suppliers of solid kitchen doors, we can offer an unparalleled choice of timber options, mould options, profile options, and design options.  Not only is this available on our plant on kitchen doors but we can offer this on curved kitchen doors.  We can offer off standard kitchen doors for plant on kitchen doors, and curved kitchen doors.  We offer doors in White Oak, Ash, Walnut, Beech, Maple, Pine, Poplar, Chestnut, Cherrywood. 

We can produce Solid Flat Panel Curved Doors, or Solid Raised Panel Curved Doors in either Concave or Convex at any radius.  We are the only manufacturer that can offer these products to compliment our other products within minimal lead times.

Within this section of our dedicated UK website, we have summarised the Solid Kitchen Door section of our website into:

How can you tell if your kitchen door is a solid wood door?

 The panel of the door is the main part of your kitchen door.  This can either be a flat panel or a raised panel door.

On a flat panel door, the panel can be made from solid wood, or to help reduce costs a veneered MDF panel.  Some people use a laminated panel.  At Loughnanes Joinery, we give the choice between the solid wood panel or an MDF veneered panel.

One way for the customer to identify if the panel is solid wood throughout is to look at the grain flow on your door.  On a solid door, this should be the same on both the front and the back of the door.  There can be variations on the MDF and laminated panels.

Another way to check to see if your kitchen door is a solid kitchen door is to look at the staining of the kitchen door.  Is there a difference in the spray finish of the face of the door, compared to the top and bottom of the door? Some companies use a very dark stain on the top and bottom of the door.  This is particularly the case in Walnut Doors.  In a fully solid door the spray finish will be uniform.

In a raised panel door, the panel can either be solid or laminated.  The grain flow on the door may help you identify if your kitchen door is a solid wood kitchen door.  In a laminated kitchen door, the grain flow can be very different.