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Colurs AvailableAt Loughnanes we use all AC Lacuers and paints which are more durable and hard wearing. We offer an extensive range of finishes as listed below.

What?s the best timber for a painted finish?

Different timbers produce different results when painted. Poplar is best for a smooth painted finish.

For those who want to have a visible wood grain after painting Red Oak, Ash or White Oak would be recommended. For those wanting knots, cracks, splits and grain to be visible through their painted finish we would recommend Pippy Oak or Character Oak.

Why do hairline cracks sometimes appear on painted doors after a period of time?

As timber is a natural living product, it is prone to movement when exposed to adverse temperatures. High levels of moisture in the air caused by humidity can cause door expansion, whilst colder air can result in panel shrinkage. When painted doors are affected by these conditions it may result in the appearance of hairline cracks along the joints. We can offer a V joint on all our doors that limit the risk of hairline cracks appearing.

Finished Colours